How Does it Work?

Once your document is received, you will receive a text message that will allow you to validate your identity using your cell phone. If you do not have a cell phone, you will move to straight to meeting with a Commissioned Electronic Notary where she/he will validate your identity.
After your identity has been validated, you will receive a link to join a Commissioned Electronic Notary that will help go over the document(s) to ensure your consent to sign. Please note, notaries do not give out legal advice.
Once you have reviewed the document(s), your Commissioned Electronic Notary will help you with e-Signing it. You will have a choice of e-Signing by typing and approve the font for your signature, draw your signature using your mouse or finger (depending on the device you are using), or uploading your actual signature.
For individuals and businesses, you will watch as your Commissioned Electronic Notary remote electronically notarize your document by applying his/her legal electronic seal to your document. You are never asked to leave without seeing our document notarized!

EZ! All taking an average of 10 minutes –and NO FRUSTRATION –a qualified commissioned electronic notary is available for any questions you may have.