Can an Online Notary Notarize A DS-3053?

Yes, we notarize DS-3053 forms online.

Many times, one of the parents will not be able to go to the passport office. We are here to offer you a quick and easy way to notarize your DS-3053 with an online notary. This way, the parent unable to attend the appointment can log into a Zoom or Teams Online Notary appointment. A licensed notary public will ensure their signature is properly witnessed.

Your online notarization of the DS-3053 does not take long. You should have the form filled out, then you can upload your document and schedule an appointment in a few minutes.

Prepare a DS-3053 form for the notary

We recommend that you go directly to the Travel.State.gov site to download the official DS-3053 form. You can also find some valuable information there about obtaining a passport for minors. Complete the form with accurate information about the minor and their parents or guardians. Then ensure that you have valid identification for each parent who is signing the form and for the child.

Once you have your form filled out, come back here!

Notarize a DS-3053 form with an online notary anywhere

If you are outside the US, do not worry! We are Virginia Electronic Commissioned Notaries and are online notary publics. Our remote notaries will quickly get you in and out of your appointment in about 15 minutes. If you are waiting at the passport office, please let us know. Unlike a traditional notary, the remote notary can email the DS-3053 form to the passport office. You will just need to let us know the email address, and we will send it to the passport office as well.

Schedule your appointment with an official passport office (as USPS offices may not accept it) to electronically sign your DS-3053 form with an online notary today.