Choose an Online Notary in the USA

Remote NotarEZ makes it easy to find a qualified, and trustworthy online notary in the USA. Because we are Virginia-commissioned, we are approved online notaries. This makes notarizing your documents easy and convenient, as everything gets done online. With Remote NotarEZ, you can effortlessly find an online notary (USA) near you, schedule your appointment online with an electronic notary in your state, and then upload your documents.
Request Appointment & Upload Documents

Quick and easy steps

You should have a seamless online notary experience. Each step in the process is streamlined to ensure no hassles or fuss.
  1. Choose an online notary in the USA.
  2. Schedule your appointment online for the most convenient time for your audio-visual conference.
  3. Upload your documents through our secure online document facility and verify your identity.
  4. Attend your meeting and sign before a notary.

The benefits

From your initial search for an electronic notary near you to the final video conference meeting, our processes are completely user-friendly. Our turnaround time is fast, as we can usually respond to requests within an hour, and we are reasonably priced.There are great benefits to finding a remote notary, USA-based, and Virginia-commissioned, all in one place.
  • Time: You save time looking for a notary, and you do not waste time traveling to a physical location.
  • Affordable: Remote notaries are cost-effective because there are fewer overheads. 
  • Secure: All meetings are secure, and all documents are confidential. Our online platform uses state-of-the-art security for maximum security.
  • Convenience: We can notarize US documents anywhere in the world.

To get started, request an appointment with an online notary in the USA and upload your documents. We will get back to you quickly, and your documents will be notarized in no time.