Remote Notarez—MISMO RON certified

Remote NotarezMISMO RON certified Remote Online Notary Platform provider

Remote Notarez is both proud & excited to announce its certification as a MISMO RON provider!

MISMO RON Platform Certification is designed to ensure that RON Technology providers meet a common set of standards. According to MISMO, the task of deeming whether a platform is fit for certification involves a “review of the information and documentation provided with your application and a demonstration of your RON platform.” This review is to pinpoint any factors that don’t meet the MISMO RON standards, and these factors will need to be rectified in order to be considered for certification. Remote Notarez has been shown to sufficiently demonstrate and uphold the required standards!

Remote Notarez has always been determined and dedicated to meet the needs of those who may need a notarial act done as well as providing safe and secure methods for their documents. Our customer’s safety has always been a top priority and now, with this certification, we further emphasize that they are in capable hands!

          The COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the need for social distancing which—for traditional notaries—put a crack in its foundation due to the required physical aspect. Remote online notaries have shown to be a game changer during these times because it implemented the same procedures as a traditional notary without the need to be physically present! Online notaries continue to be needed and often times preferred due to the ease of the process and the accessibility to those in different time zones around the world.

          From the beginning Remote Notarez has highlighted the importance of a quick, easy, and secure experience for our customers. It is a priority that those who work with us know they are in capable and knowledgeable hands. This MISMO RON certification indicates our dedication to not only our customers but the entire notary community. The Virginia notaries here at Remote Notarez will continue to cater to those in need of our online notary services happily!