Traditionally notarized with UPS vs. online (virtual) notarization services

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I know it’s expected that since Remote Notarez is an online notary service we would emphasize those services as always being the best course of action. Most of the time we do believe an online notary is the better option, however, there are some cases where a traditional notary or notary via UPS is the most fitting

What is the difference?

Traditional notaries are where you will have to go to the notary office or your local UPS store and physically meet. Most of the time you’ll need to search online for a local notary and then attempt to get in contact with them. It isn’t uncommon to have to call several notaries before you find one that can take you. When it comes to UPS, you’ll have to call to make sure there is a notary working at the time you plan on dropping by. According to my customers personal experiences, calling to see if a notary is present beforehand is important. On several occasions there were not any notaries available when they arrived—so calling beforehand could really save you some time!

Mobile notaries involve a notary coming to you whether it be your home, job, hospital and so on. In this case you will physically meet your notary at the location you’ve discussed. Depending on your state the notary may charge a mobile fee for meeting you. You will need to call around to find a notary that can meet with you at the designated time and location. Often, you’ll need to call around for a bit to find a mobile notary that aligns with what is needed.

Remote online (virtual) notaries are where you use an audio-visual meeting to electronically sign your document(s) instead of having to meet up in person. Your remote notary will not physically examine your ID. Instead, your identity proofing will be done with a knowledge-based authentication, biometric authentication and/or identity credential analysis.

What is the same?

Whether you are meeting a notary online or physically the notarization process should be very similar. Our job is to make sure that you are who you say you are by validating your identity and then preforming basic notarial acts. You must have a valid ID for both processes. The notary will make sure you are competent to sign your document. Notaries should not allow someone that is under duress or the influence to sign a document that needs to be notarized. We will ask if you understand what you’re signing if signing an Acknowledgement. If signing a Jurat or Affidavit, the notary will give you an oath. Both traditional notaries and online notaries require you to be present regardless of if the meeting is in person or online. The notary will sign and add their notarial seal to your documents.

Why use at traditional notary public like UPS?

If you are not tech savvy and do not have anyone to help you, you may wish to get a traditional notary. If you are homebound, you should look for a mobile notary. If you need to get your document Apostilled, it is best to get a knowledgeable notary. If notarized incorrect it will be rejected by your State Authentication department. If the person that will receive the notarized document refuses to accept remote online notarized documents, then it is easier to get a traditional notary.

If you are in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area - we do offer traditional and mobile notary services. Please give us a call at 757-271-3004.

Why use Remote Notarez?

For those of you that have a computer, tablet, or smart phone - remote online notarizations are the easiest process. All you need to do is schedule an appointment and upload your documents. You will join a Zoom or Team session where you will meet knowledgeable Virginia notaries. Normally your appointment will be about 15 minutes long but may last longer depending on how many documents there are. The appointment will be scheduled based on a timeframe that is good for you. There will be no need to have someone came over or to leave the house. Your remote notary is done all online!