Child's Passport Application -Prepping for remote online notarization Appointment

Natasha Stromley

**Child’s Passport Application **

                           -DS 3053

                Preparing for your Appointment

                  & Important Information

Remote Notarez has been helping parents all over the world obtain their child/children via online notarizations. It’s has been nice to help when parents are at the Passport office, and they need an emergency online notary. We understand the urgency, and there is no need to panic. Most of the times, we have a commissioned Virginia electronic notary ready to help.

Preparing for the Appointment

To be prepared, please make sure that the absent parent is ready to jump into the video-audio conference meeting. Also, they must have a valid ID. This includes identification, driver’s license, and passport. It cannot be expired, and they must have it physically with them. If they do not have a valid identification with them, we cannot remotely notarize the DS-3053 application.

The absent parent will need have a computer, tablet or smart cell/mobile, and a stable internet connection. If they are in a rural area, please have them go to a place that they have a stable connection. Without internet connection, the will not be able to receive the appointment details. The appointment details will include a link for the remote online notary video-audio meeting. Also, it will contain links to validate their identity. They will receive the identity and ID validation links via a separate email and/or text as well.  The absent parent must validate their identity, if not we cannot move forward with the appointment.

It ’s important that the DS 3053 is filled out and uploaded. It is best to fill this out online and saved. This will make it easy for you to upload the document and will save time during your online notary appointment. To avoid issues, please make sure the absent parent’s name is listed with their first name and then last name. It should be the same name as on their identification. If not, the passport office may reject the document.

Once your remote online notary appointment has concluded, you will receive an invoice. This needs to be paid before we send you the application. If the passport office has an email address, we can send it directly to them. We will include the remotely notarized document, the signature completion certificate and the identification validation report.  

Important Information

It has come to our attention, that if you take a remotely notarized DS-3053 application to the Post Office, they may not accept the document. We had a customer that took the application to a few Post Office, and they did not accept it. We personally called the US State Department/Passport office, passport offices will accept remotely notarized documents as long as it has been notarized correctly. So to avoid any delays or issues, you should take your remotely notarized document to a Passport office. They will accept it.

As always, the notaries here at Remote Notarez are here to help you with all your online notary needs.