Online Notary Services In Arizona

There are no more frantic dashes to your notary appointment, and no more traipsing long distances to get there. Nowadays, using a remote notary service in Arizona is the right call to make. While the old way of doing things involved pens and paper, office visits, and time-consuming commutes, these things are now in the dusty, distant past. It is easy, secure, and hassle-free to get your documents notarized online.

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Why Use An Online Notary Service In Arizona

In 2020, Arizona took the plunge and leapt ahead of many other states, allowing its citizens to enjoy the comfort and safety of remote notarization. This means that your important US documents can be witnessed and signed electronically over a secure video-conferencing platform.

The system is simple. You get to book your appointment online for a time that suits you best. You then verify your identity online using knowledge-based authentication or biometrics, and you will meet with a notary at the allotted time.

The meeting happens using an audio-visual conferencing application, which is highly secure and meets rigorous standards. The notary will then witness the documents that are being signed to make them official, and you will get your notarized documents.

If you are out of town or jet-setting in the tropics, your US documents can still be notarized using a remote notary service from Arizona. Make the move and start taking advantage of the online notary services in Arizona for all your business and employment contracts, real estate deals, marine vessel sales, and the signing of your will.

Contact Remote NotarEZ to witness the signing of your documents for a hassle-free, quick, and easy notarization solution.