24/7 California Online Notary Services

Remote online notary (RON) services are an important part of our ever-changing world. Your documents can be notarized electronically using modern technology, like video conferencing, to conduct the notarization remotely.

An online notary in California is a convenient, affordable, and cost-effective way to get your US documents notarized. Even when you are out of the country, you can use a remote notary. California recently joined the ranks of states that enjoy the convenience and affordability of remote notarization.

Cities & Counties

No matter where you are in the world, if you need your US documents notarized, you can now enjoy the services of a remote notary. California recently passed legislation allowing citizens of California to also make use of these convenient services, thereby removing all constraints on time and location.

How does it work?

It is easy to use a remote online notary in California. Remote online notary services use modern technology to complete these services.

Start by uploading your documents and requesting an appointment. You will receive a reply to your request within an hour. When it is time for your appointment, your identity will be verified and validated. This could make use of biometrics, credentials, or knowledge-based validation.

Your appointment will be held online, making use of a secure audio-visual application like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection for an uninterrupted appointment.

You sign your documents electronically, and when they are complete, you can download your notarized documents quickly and conveniently. The appointment with your remote online notary can take as little as fifteen minutes, depending on how many documents need to be notarized.

Remote Online Notary For California

Remote NotarEZ has VA-commissioned notaries. This means that our notaries can notarize documents for people from other states, as the laws of each state are respected throughout the process.

It is easy to find a remote notary. California has opened the doors to make it possible for you to get your documents notarized quickly, conveniently, and affordably with Remote NotarEZ. Contact us or request an appointment to get started now.