Remote Online Notary Services In Massachusetts

On January 1st, 2024, a law made RON legally permissible in Massachusetts. This means the law allows for remote online notary services in Massachusetts to exist and be used. However, there are still a few steps in the process needed to finalize the implementation of the law.

When finalized, this means you can get your documents notarized by a Vrginia-commissioned notary service anytime, anywhere. Using a remote notary service in Massachusetts gives you all the benefits of getting your documents witnessed and signed most conveniently.

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The benefits of online notarization

Using the services of a VA-commissioned notary means that you get your documents notarized quickly, easily, and efficiently, all from the comfort of your home.

This, in effect, means you do not have to travel to a physical appointment to meet a notary public to witness the signing of your documents. Instead, wherever you are in the world, you can log onto an online appointment and meet with a remote online notary who services Massachusetts. Technology takes care of the rest.

You would start by requesting an appointment with a remote notary service for Massachusetts and uploading your documents. There is a fast turnaround time because, within an hour, you will receive a response. You can book an appointment at your convenience so that it fits into your schedule.

Be prepared for your appointment. You will need to verify your identity before it is time to witness and sign documents. Your appointment will take place over a securely encrypted audio-visual conferencing platform like Zoom. This ensures a fully secure meeting.

Contact Remote NotarEZ today with any questions or to schedule your appointment with a remote online notary service for Massachusetts. It is quick and easy to get started and get your documents signed and sealed.