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Updated: March 19, 2024

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A Virginia Remote Online Notary will be in contact shortly. 

*All submissions will be deleted in 7 days. If you need to reschedule, please resubmit a request. Closings request less than 3 hours notice, there will be an extra charge.

What to Expect

  • Watch for an email with details on:
    • your assigned Virginia online notary
    • link to your video-audio conference
    • link(s) to validate your identity and identification you plan on using during your appointment
    • We may call or email if we have questions about your document(s)
    • Reach out to your online notary if you have any questions regarding the remote online notary process

During Your Appointment

  • For your convenience, you can use a cell phone. It is advised that you join using a computer or tablet so you can view the document easier.
  • At the beginning of your appointment, you will be asked to hold up your ID/Passport to the camera. This must be the identification that you used during the validation process.
  • After that, your notary will share her screen. All attending will be able to see the document, and the notary will go over the document to ensure it is ready to be signed.
  • Signers will be asked if they understand what the are signing. If necessary, signers will be sworn/affirmed in.
  • You will be allowed to control the screen. Most smart phones will allow you to control the screen as well, if not it is advised you use a computer or tablet.
  • Click on the fields you need to fill in and the signature box.
  • When clicking on the Signature box, you will have 3 choices:
    •  Typed styles:  4 e-signatures to pick from
    •  Draw:  use your mouse or finger (if you have a touchscreen).
    • Image: your actual signature that you uploaded
  • Once you have e-signed the document, you will confirm and accept the e-signed document.
  • You can request to stay on to watch your Virginia online notary, remotely notarize your document.

After Your Session

  • If you did not pay during your session, your notary will send you an invoice.
  • After you have paid, you will receive two emails with details on how to download and retrieve your remote online notarized document(s). 
  • If you have not received your document within 6 hours and have paid, please call or email us.
  • Note: all video conferences are recorded and keep for 10 years per R.O.N. standards
  • All E-Signed and Remote Online Documents are deleted from our servers after 72 hours of service.

Remote Notarez - Hampton Roads Notary Public LLC is not a law firm. The notaries providing services will not and cannot provide legal advice, opinion, or recommendations. We cannot give you advice on your document legality or whether your document should be signed, whether you can electronically sign your document, or whether your electronically signed and remote online notarized document(s) will be valid or accepted by your intended recipient. If you have any questions about the validity or acceptance of your document, you will need to check with the recipient first. We recommend all to seek legal advice for any questions about your documents or the transactions they relate to.