Can an NAIC biographical affidavit can be notarized remotely?

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In the age of digital advancement, the ability to enjoy the convenience of remote notarization offers a significant advantage. While it is possible to remotely notarize a lot of different documents, the question remains: can an NAIC biographical affidavit be notarized remotely, or is traditional wet ink notarization required?

It is important to understand what this affidavit entails, the specific regulations surrounding NAIC affidavits, and their compatibility with virtual notarization. This article will explore the intricacies involved and offer insights into the current legal landscape.


What is a biographical affidavit?

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is a regulatory body that sets the standards for the industry and is there to protect consumers. The NAIC biographical affidavit is almost like a background check on an individual. It will give you personal information on a person, including who they are, what they can do, what they have done or accomplished, their education, and their work history.

Basically, all of this information put together is the way that the insurance regulators can ensure that you are a trustworthy person. Just like running a background check, the NAIC biographical affidavit says that you will deal with any sensitive information that you have access to confidentially.


Remote Notarization for NAIC Affidavits

All NAIC affidavits have to be notarized. This is a mandatory requirement. Fortunately, there are a lot of states that allow the notarization to be done online. Every state has its own regulations and requirements for online notarization. While these can differ greatly, there are some commonalities across the board.

  • The process needs to be conducted over an approved audio-visual conferencing facility. The facility needs to be encrypted and approved by the regulators.
  • There needs to be high levels of confidentiality throughout the appointment as there is sensitive information involved.
  • Identification and signature verification for an NAIC biographical affidavit need to be highly secure.


The benefits

Online notarization offers a lot of benefits. Here are some:

  • Highly convenient
  • Saves you time
  • Saves you money
  • Highly flexible
  • Provides accessible solutions
  • US documents can be notarized from anywhere in the world.


How does online notarization work?

Remote notarization is a highly efficient and convenient way to notarize documents like the NAIC biographical affidavit. How does it actually happen, though, and what are the steps to getting notarized?

  • It is important to have a strong and stable internet connection, as well as the correct application set up and ready for the appointment.
  • You first schedule an appointment with a remote notary. You can book a time that suits you best and fits in with your schedule. You will receive a response to your request within one hour.
  • Then you verify your identity to ensure you are the correct person signing the documents.
  • When it is time for your appointment, you will be able to get your NAIC biographical affidavit notarized quickly and easily. The appointment does not take long, but the length will be based on how many documents you have for notarization.



While remote notarization is highly convenient, security is a huge factor that can affect the process. All appointments need to be encrypted to ensure the integrity of the meeting and any confidential information that is shared.

An online identification check can be done with credential analysis, biometric validation, or knowledge-based authentication. There are times when a combination will be used to verify your identity, but this is just for heightened security measures.

At the end of the NAIC biographical affidavit signing, digital signatures are added to ensure that there is no tampering with the documents.


The future of remote notarization

While many states have embraced the technological advancements and benefits offered by virtual notarization, some states still need to step up. Those states that have opened the way for online notarization have allowed for increased accessibility to this convenient service.

There is a growing adoption of remote services, which means that more people have access to NAIC biographical affidavits being completed remotely.

With the additional advancements in security and biometrics, security systems are constantly being upgraded, making them ever more reliable as well.


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Closing thoughts

You can get your affidavit signed and sealed online with remote notarization. At Remote NotarEZ, our VA-commissioned notaries will ensure that your state’s laws are protected and that your documents are notarized securely.

Contact us today with any questions you may have regarding remote notarization of your NAIC biographical affidavit, or start by scheduling an appointment now.