Electronic Notary Services In Ohio

Avoid queues and commutes because electronic notary services in Ohio were legalized in 2019. This means you can enjoy the benefits and convenience of remotely signing important US documents from anywhere in the world or from your living room.

Our VA-commissioned notaries will guide you through the process, which is simple, efficient, and secure. If you are looking for an Ohio remote notary and you want to save time and money, then you are in the right place.

Cities & Counties

The benefits

Saving time, money, and the environment

There are no travel costs, so you can save money. Also, there is no commute and less paperwork, so there are fewer carbon emissions and resources required, making this an eco-friendly choice.


Skip the commute: You don’t have to worry about travel costs or time wasted on traveling to the notary’s office. All meetings with your electronic notary in Ohio are done via a secure audio-visual platform, like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. You can schedule an appointment that fits into your schedule.

Accessibility and peace of mind

Everyone has access to the same service. If you are living in a remote area, don’t have transport, or are just unable to make the commute, you still have access to a notary. There are high-security measures with online notarization, so rest assured that your documents will be notarized securely and confidentially.

How it works

Schedule your Ohio electronic notary appointment for a convenient time and upload your documents. You will receive a response to your request within the hour. Identity verification involves knowledge-based authentication, biometric validation, and credential analysis.

If all of this is completed before your appointment and you only have a few documents to be notarized, you could be finished within minutes.

Contact Remote NotarEZ and get access to an Ohio remote notary today. The convenience and cost-saving benefits make notarizing your documents electronically a smart choice.