Remote Notary Services In New York

Long queues and frustrating commutes are the last things you want when minutes matter. Your documents still need notarization, but time is an essential factor. There is a better way: Remote notary services.

Finding an online notary service in New York has been easy since its legalization in January 2023. It now surpasses traditional physical notarization because of its time-saving convenience and frustration-busting benefits. You can sign your documents from anywhere, anytime, getting you back on schedule.

Cities & Counties

A remote notary in New York is beneficial

Access to remote online notary services opens the door to many benefits. The main ones are:

Convenience: Book your appointment online and receive a response within an hour. You can book anytime from anywhere, even if you are on vacation.

Saves time and money: New York’s traffic is endless. You save commuting time and travel costs because the online notary service in New York doesn’t require time-consuming commutes in heavy traffic.

Flexible and accessible: No matter how far you are from a notary or if you have limited mobility, you can still get your documents legally notarized. You can even book your appointment outside of office hours.


You need a stable, secure internet connection and a quiet place to attend the appointment. Make sure you have access to audio-visual software, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

How it works

Remote notarization is very simple. Choose an appropriate time for your appointment and book it online. Electronically upload your documents, and you will receive a response within an hour. During your appointment, the notary will verify your identification, review the documents with you, and witness as you sign them electronically.

Don’t waste time. Rather, contact Remote NotarEZ today and book your remote notary in New York quickly and conveniently. Your documents will be notarized in no time!