Remote Online Notary Services In North Carolina

North Carolina has joined the mass of states that no longer rely on pen, paper, and in-person meetings to notarize documents. You no longer have to wait for days for an appointment. You can finally enjoy the convenience and efficiency of an electronic notary in NC.

Our services are about more than just convenience. It is also about being inclusive and offering accessible solutions to people with differing ability levels, limited mobility, or even out-of-state or country. Now everyone can get their US documents notarized remotely.

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How do remote online notary services in North Carolina work?

Harnessing the power of technology has opened up a new age for notary services in the USA. When you are searching for an electronic notary in NC, you just go online, set up an appointment, verify your identity, and attend your appointment. A notary will review and witness the signing of the documents, making them official.

Everything happens over a secure video-conferencing facility such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams due to their multi-layer security levels. Identity verification happens using knowledge-based authentication, biometric validation, and credential analysis. The meeting takes a few minutes, so you save time and travel costs.

The convenience factor means that you no longer have to juggle your schedule to try to fit in an appointment. You also won’t have to travel further than your laptop or PC, and your documents are digitized, which means you have a digital record of them for future reference.

You can request an appointment at any time, and you will receive a response within an hour. You can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of remote online notary services in North Carolina right now. To get started, contact Remote NotarEZ and book your appointment today.