Is a Notary Necessary for Corporate Contracts?

Natasha Stromley

Corporate contracts form the backbone of a multitude of transactions that happen every day in a fast-paced business world where wheeling and dealing can make or break a business. Having legally valid and enforceable contracts in place is important to ensure that everyone is protected and everyone keeps their side of the business deal.

This is where a notary plays an important role. A contract notary (also known as a notary public) is someone who can validate the identity of the signatories and witness the signing of corporate contracts. Working with a Virginia-commissioned (VA) electronic notary means that you can get your US documents notarized even if you are not in the country.

So when should corporate contracts be notarized, and when can they be done without notarization?

Types of contracts that require notarization

Not all corporate documents need to be notarized, but some documents legally require notarization by a contract notary to make them legal and official. In such cases, a VA electronic notary can be beneficial. More on that later.

Documents may need to be notarized if the corporate contract involves large finances or high-risk agreements. Examples of these can include contracts concerning high-value goods, mergers and acquisitions, real estate contracts, mortgage agreements, loan agreements, or even patents and copyrights. Basically, any document that carries a risk to one of the parties should be notarized.

Some states have particular laws for the notarization of some types of contracts, and the state laws need to be met for the documents to be valid.

Types of documents that do not need notarization

General business documents like purchase orders and service agreements, internal policy documents, and any agreement with little to no monetary value For example, internal memos would not require notarization by a contract notary; setting up an employment contract for a director or shareholder may require notarization if there is a lot of money involved.

The Benefits of a VA Electronic Notary for Corporate Contracts

Notarization by a Virgina-commissioned notary is highly beneficial for contracts because they are authorized to notarize documents from any US state, adding an additional layer of security required in highly sensitive corporate contracts. Everything is done over highly secured audio-visual platforms. If the signing parties are in different states, a remote VA-commissioned notary might be your best and only option.  

Using a remote notarization service is highly convenient. As long as you have a strong and steady internet connection, you can get your corporate contracts notarized remotely.

A great benefit is the cost-effectiveness of using a remote notary service. No travel time or travel expense is incurred. Your US documents can be notarized by a remote contract notary, even if you are out of the country at the time.

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In Conclusion

When closing a big deal or concluding a real estate or company merger, it is very important to get your high-risk documents notarized. Using a contract notary will ensure the documents are valid and enforceable. Contact Remote NotarEZ for peace of mind. As Virginia-commissioned notaries, you benefit from convenient, cost-effective, and secure notarization for your corporate contracts.